Tuesday, 1 June 2010

girly girls

i have friends. i have tons of them. literally. most of them are boys. i dont have many girlfriends. due to the reasons below.

1. i dont need all the fuss.
needless to say, some girls fuss abt everything. i mean, everything. abt eating, abt showering, abt sleeping. omg. do they have to tell everyone when they are going to sleep? yelling goodnight to their friends, making the whole nine floored hostel tremble with fear upon their striking voices.

2. i dont need all the gossips.
some of the girls, talks all day long. 24/7. even in their sleep, they do talk. funny? not for their roommates. they talk and talk and talk. abt what? evrything. abt boys that they admire, abt girls that they hate, abt their past, abt their future.

3. i dont need all the criticize. (so does other ppl)
yea. we are not perfect. but do they have to criticize everyone. what bitch that girl was, what a geek that guy was. aiyoyo. girls, u dont need to. they are who they are. who are u to criticize them? if they like the way they are, just be it.

4. i dont have all the time
being born girls, we do need more time to get ready compared to the guys. but please, when u realise that ur late, be quick doing getting ready. there are girls that remain as slow as snails. hey, there are people waiting for u downstairs. shish!

5. i dont have all the patience
oh how they are so emotional. one second they are laughing happy yet another second, they cry their heart out. they can cry and laugh at the same time, how they can love one man and flirt with another. wow.

6. i dont have all the girly in me
girls are like glass. u broke it and there would be someone yelling. girly girls. they cant even be dirty. they are so afraid that they broke a nail that they wont hold the pencil strong enough. in sports, there are so afraid on getting sweaty, that they refuse to take part. if they do, they prefer losing.

and ow. there are some girls that are not. and u can be amazed how they can survive without being so like the above.