Monday, 7 June 2010


cannot sleep. due to to much sleep?? hmmmm. i wonder when do i sleep.

hoping that jimmy had enuf sleep. he got important work tomorrow. :)

my mum make me watch a video early in the morning. abt ppl who shared to much info in their facebook. make me sick!
baring baring all night long. search for funny pictures and videos that can make me laugh sampai pagi. there are some. haha. gonna post it next time. pandang sekeliling bilik then suddenly tringat pasal hantu, trus ttp mata igtkn bole trus tdo. try nk tdo gak, tp x dapat. give up. bkak mata slow2, take a look around and switch on all of the light available.
tringat time d rumah sewa dyeorg nora. nk pg kencing pon mntak aliyy teman kn. lagi lagi time sorg2 b4 balik. naseb baik agak berani. bukak 1 lampu je. tp kna make sure sblom ttp lampu, everything is there. air, kropok, laptop. haha. mmg takut gla. ish. tp ms tu xplak insomnia. just when i reached sarawak. hmmm. maybe sbb wifi full kot. facebook on 24/7. not my fault. :)

dunno what else to write. cannot sleep. huha huha.