Sunday, 20 June 2010

jun 19th

emma n dodo.

emma n memei.


pendatang asing. :)

emma n ayah
(ignore the boobs)

nothing in particular.

Going away from the hometown, bintulu and going to the oil city, miri. Early in the morning, my mum nags me to get out of bed. Failed by knocking on the door, she tried the second method. She called my phones. The irritating noises coming from the phones, are making me insane. I wake up at 6 or 7 and i guess was the earliest one i had in my holiday. *whalaww*

Packing all the important things, all those little stuff that are VERY important, i was very very very sleepy. after packing, i finally go for my beauty shower which i hate, expecially early in the morning. Very very very cold. I was shivering when i am finally done. Choosing my best cloth, trying it on, taking it off, and putting another one on and removing it. This process continues. *haddoi!*

The trip to miri finally started after picking sami and hafiz up at their respective habitat. *hahaha!* the long and excruciating journey are so damn bored, it makes me want to sleep in my sleep. The journey continues. After finally arrived, we went to the hotel where we had booked the rooms. Oh oh, btw, my aunt`s family also tag along in this so called trip. We stayed at mega hotel. I didn’t pay so i don’t care about the fees. We went to a mall which i have forgotten the name. Hmm. We went up and down, left and right, above and below, side by side, inside out the mall. But yet, i haven’t bought anything. Ajiq bought a necklace for his girlfriends, so what should i buy for my girlfriends? Tough questions though. *thinking thinking*

There are alot of cars in miri, which is caused by people from brunai coming over for some shopping. Big cars with larger people with a lot of money. It is very hard to find a single car park. Hmm. Ow o wow, i met maman there. My ex in high school. J maman maman, im shy. *blush blush* he is wearing a dark creamy yellow long sleeved shirt. Btw maman, as i know u would be reading this, there is a fact for u. im taller than u. Im 210cm. Hahaha. Maman u look older and more mature compared to me. A premature human being, who was suppose to be mature-er. J

There is one thing that i hate about hotels. It is too cold. How am i supposed to shower? It is freezing, man. As i am a hairy animal, all my hair stands on one end. And it is indeed not sexy! *no sexual tone here* Hahaha. I hate it when i stepped out of the bathroom, the cold air rushed to me like a hurricane. Then, i would quickly run back into the bathroom, playing with the hair dryer. That is was until that certain someone bangs on the door with their own private emergency. *wink wink*

I called dodo, i called gagan, i called yul, i called afiq, i called ika, telling them im in miri. i havent got the chance to post it in my facebook about my trip to miri. My last post is something about topups, as i ran out of credit. Finally i went out with dodo. Alongside her sidekicks, memei, nana n corina. How i missed them! *aw aw aw* dodo, memei, nana and i met at the plkn camp in miri. sungai rait, miri. a horrible place, but with nice friends like them, its heaven. The last time that i have met them is in December. Christmas in miri. fun fun fun. They are nice people with nicer attitude. They are my friends. and i love them with my dear life. We went to marina bay and sat on the grass. The short but pointy grass makes my butt itch as im wearing leggings with a so called dress. *ugggleyhh* but i don’t really care.

Yul called dodo and told her and he would be arriving `soon’. After 3o to 50 minutes of waiting, they finally arrived. Yul and kay. Both are my former fellows in plkn. We sat there and talked for about one full hour. Both of them are getting chubbier than i remember. The cheeks are finally showing on both of their faces. Making them look cuter. They had been smaller in plkn. The regular skinny type of Malaysian teenagers. They have change a lot in appearance. But still, both are very talkative human beings.

After saying farewells to the boys, we went for dinner. I have my nasi goreng ayam special (again). Then we have shisha. Coconut mint flavour. *Yummy yummy* then we started talking again. Magical enough, we have no limits in talking. We talked and talked and talked. Took a sip, swallow and continue talking. Hahahaha. J after eating, we went to grand old lady. There are a lot of people there as it is Saturday. What the heck. We sat there until it was 11.30 pm. Then they sent me back at the hotel. Saying farewell was the hardest part. I have tried my best not to look back. Only god knows when i am going to see them again. *uwwwwwwwaa*

In the hotel room, the cold bites (sejuk yang menggigit.). haha. Is there such words?

Biar la. Its 5.50 am now.

Im off. JJ