Tuesday, 1 June 2010

god is great

looking at the reflection upon the mirror, i saw, me. short messy hair, my big football jersey, green boxer, saggy eye, red nose and such messy un-removed makeup.

then i realise, god had given me everything even when it is not in perfect condition. but we are all little tiny humans. who had given us the power to judge which is perfect? yea, sometimes i do admire people who are skinny enough to fit in a skinny jeans, who fits in shirts and dresses labelled size s. and i do wish that i could be like them. i wish and i wish and i wish. i go on diet, i go for exercise. i strained myself. i make sure i push myself hard enough, just to be like those girls. for what? i dont make myself happy. so, what for? im healthy. i should be happy for that. shouldnt i?

there are girls who are very skinny, i mean it, very very skinny, that they look like a 2b pencil standing among the crowd. i dont want to be like that. there are also skinny girls who are sick. they wanted to be fatter, but they cant. its a pity though. i wonder, should i be thankful with myself? well, i should. there are ppl who wanted to be skinny take the easy way. they went from anything healthy green vege to drugs. my friend died because of that. just because she wanted to be skinnier. when does losing your life worth it? god makes us with different looks, with different attitude, all with its own reasons. we have no right to challenge god, refusing to accept what is given.

so what if im fat? so what if im black? so what if im short? i dont care, why should u? sometimes ppl talkes behind our backs. mocking us. if that make them feel good about themselves, so be it. yea, i know. it hurts. exspecially when its your friends. but oh mind me. good friend would never talk abt their friends behind their backs. if they do, they are not good friends.

and oh oh. dont u pppl know that it hurt really really bad?