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Should Sarawak pull out of Malaysia?

Should Sarawak pull out of Malaysia?

::Should Sarawak pull out of Malaysia?
Wednesday, June 25, 2008, 2:12:05 AM | Dr. John Brian Anthony

Giving Sarawak $1 billion is a waste of public money. Why did the PM give it to Sarawak? There is no need to reward them for winning the PRU12 - after all without BN Sarawak is nothing.

The above statement was directed at Sarawak by a 33 years old man living in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. In the first place, what has Sarawak done to help Malaysia he said. Being a Dayak Iban from Sarawak - it gives me a great insight on the thinking of young West Malaysian and their knowledge of Malaysia as a whole.

Where is the oil money from sarawak?

I was thinking - whose money was used to build PETRONAS TWIN tower, the MENARA Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital - PUTRA JAYA. If these projects were built by PETRONAS, then most of the money would have come from Sarawak and Terengganu. Why build such project in Kula Lumpur - it should be built in Bintulu or Miri, so those working for PETRONAS would stay in Bintlu / Miri, spent their income in Sarawak and tourist would come and see the TWIN towers in Sarawak. It would have made Sarawak richer. Now this project is put inside Wilayah - and young west Malaysia took it for granted that it comes from their father’s pocket. For Sarawakian, we were made poor by PETRONAS, and even poorer by our State leader for not fighting hard enough to ask for an increase in oil royalty.

Many young Sarawakian - much more than before responded to the suffering of the Sarawak people today by thinking aloud, should we not PULL OUT of MALAYSIA. What have we gained by joining Malaysia?


Looking at the physical development of Sarawak, it lacks so many things even the most basic needs - road, water, electricity, education and health. Why are we still so dependent on river transport? Why are Sarawak trunk roads in such poor condition and lack proper facilities for drivers. Why are clean drinking water so difficult to get and still no electricity to dwelling places that are located in some urban areas and most sub-urban areas.

Money from timber? Has it gone into the pocket of elite businessman and corrupted politician and civil service officers. A timber tug boat operator now own Shin Yang, one of the largest timber company and has hundreds and thousand of acres of plantation land- how can that be? It can be - when the chief politician made it so. In the process, the people of Sarawak are deprived of its wealth generated from valuable tropical trees that the natives has held it so dear to their heart. The jungle is the major provider of their needs. For the rich man, he sent in gangsters to his estate to subdue any dayak from making complaint and demand for a better living. Dayak got the wrong end of the stick in ALL cases.

Money from oil?

Many are asking what has happened to the money we get from oil royalty? We are now suffering from oil price hike now, when did we enjoy money from oil then? Price of gas cylinder for cooking is reaching $180.00 per tank in rural Sarawak. The natives could not understand that such products are produced in Bintulu - from Sarawak gas field and we are paying that high a price. The West Malaysian are paying much less - and they are the one that has no gas -when we take Terengganu equation out. Why are we not seeing good schools and health care for the rural folks. The “Flying doctors” service is still too limited, while billion worth of hospitals are build in West Malaysia - not one but many in just one city. In Sarawak - the Sarawak General Hospital was built maybe 4 decades ago. Do we have a new one - the answer is NO? We do have new expansive private hospital that poor rural folks has no chance of using it as they don’t have money.

Money fro hydro-dam

The Batang Ai hydro dam has now shown the true problems caused by relocation of the people living in the area. No land to expand their farming activity, SALCRA providing minimum wages for their work in the plantation and low return from their share in Salcra. The gov’t has short change the people - and the same gov’t headed by the same person after 30 plus years is ignoring the plight of the poor people in Lubuk Antu. You just need to go to Lubuk Antu - what major economic activities has been implemented? The answer is NONE - as the gov’t idea of helping the poor rakyat is just “give them” not training them to have skill and knowledge to better themselves. Some Dayak leaders are there, to ensure that the Dayak do not progress and therefor easier control for political gain. Are electricity made available to longhouses and villages in nearby areas? The answer is NO.

The Bakun dam is near completion. Is it going to benefit Sarawak poor - the answer is NO. It will feed the richer West Malaysian State, to provide power to their industry. Why don’t they relocate their industry to Sarawak? Too expansive, Sarawak lack basic infrastructure, it lacks skill worker, it has limited port facilities, poor transport system, it lacks town that can provide comfort for the employee etc - . That goes to show that the rich suck on the poor man resources and are not paying for such resources in a correct manner. Otherwise - why are the poor getting poorer? Why should we still stay with Malaysia?

Money from palm oil plantation

Where is the money earned from plantation? We all know that the biggest plantation companies are from West Malaysia and UMNO link company. Just go to their office, the senior management teams and managers are West Malaysian. The field supervisors and labourers are local Sarawak - we can’t help but feel “colonised” and made second class citizen of Malaysia. Our prime land are taken to feed West Malaysian - who felt in turn that giving $1 billion to Sarawak is a waste of public money. Not even after Sarawak gave the BN government its valuable support - we feel very disappointed and hurt by this attitude. It is time for Sarawakian to think about leaving Malaysia.

Leaving Malaysia - why?

Sarawak has not received what is due to them. Sarawak has been side-line and ignored - no senior position in the Federal Civil Service, No senior members in the police and army, no important position in the cabinet, Sarawak bumiputera is even 4th class in the ranking behind the major races in West Malaysia. We didn’t join Malaysia - to learn only to speak Bahasa Malaysia and Islam as our official religion - causing hardship to people from other faith to get government financial support and respect. We did not join Malaysia to champion “Ketuanan Melayu” and be made used of by UMNO elitist to further their hold on political power and corrupted practice.

We want justice, we want equality, we want respect, we want dignity in our life. We do not need to “bow” and ” kneel” and “plead” for what is rightly ours. We want our money to develop ourselves and be able to live a better life. From frustration with the BN government under Abdullah, we are even thinking of leaving Malaysia. It has brought us untold misery and frustration with their bias leadership and poor planning accorded the state of Sarawak.

Dayak Political Party

WHY IS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NO APPROVING DAYAK WISH TO FORM A POLITICAL PARTY KNOWN AS “MALAYSIAN DAYAK CONGRESS” ? They should ensure that the races are represented by political organization of their choice. We want to have our political freedom of choice and association. We do not want to feel that there is ethnic genocide in Sarawak too.

Sarawak for Sarawakian!!!!

It is the very policy and structure of BN government that is causing Sarawak to lag behind so far from the rest of malaysia. The “white termite” can shout about nonsense - the dayak are equal to the rest of the Malaysian population etc, because he wants to feel good about himself who has overstayed his welcome and value. The “white termite” make certain elite in the community rich beyond their wildest dream. Has this elitist help Sarawak poor - the answer is still NO.

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Ask me anything . shoot !


tengok kawan kawan bercinta memang best kan. happy. mesej tanpa tengok muka pon boleh tersenyum membayangkan si dia. best kan. keluar berdua. pergi date. even keluar ke kedai mamak bersama pon da boleh membahagiakan. kadang kadang kawan kawan tanya, kenapa pompuan skarang da makin memilih.

ntah la. skang pompuan da smakin pandai. selalu di tinggalkan buat hidup dyeorg rasa x selamat. biar la pakwe x la hensem mana, asalkan setia. then. dyeorg tnya ag, tapi sekarang perempuan da pandai main pasang skandal.
aku pon xtau. pompuan blaja benda skandal skandal ni pon dari pihak laki. slalu terkena. bila kenang balik zaman zaman dahulu kala, lelaki memang main pasang. asyik bet antara satu sama lain, siapa yang dapat perempuan yang cun gila, dapat la seratus dua. apa guna nya buat macam tu? buat sakit hati dan jiwa je. bayangkan la bila perempuan tu da tangkap cintan kat laki tu, hati akan remuk. sakit bila di tinggalkan. kenape ek lelaki buat macam tu? sampai hati dia kan.

dulu aku jatuh cinta kat sorang abang senior ni. memang la dia ni bukan la hensem mana. tapi cara dia layan aku buat aku rasa macam aku ni permaisuri dalam dunia aku dan dia. aku memang sayang dia gila gila. memang aku tipu kalau aku cakap aku tak sayang. dia la buah hati intan payung aku masa tu. segala apa yang dia buat, aku maafkan. satu hari dia mengaku, dia cakap dia kapel dengan aku bukan atas dasar suka. tapi hanya kerana cabaran dari rakan rakan. hanya kerana duit seratus, dia buanag aku macam aku ni sampah. dia tinggalkan aku semata mata duit. apa nilai aku kat mata dia? aku berharga seratus je ke? sumpah masatu aku sangat sangat down. aku menangis bila bila masa aku keseorangan. tuhan je la yang tau. sekarang aku dapat tau, yang dia da ada awek baru. alhamdulillah. aku harap sangat yang dia xkan buat benda yang sama kat perempuan tu.

apa yang aku merepek pon aku xtau. dah la. :D biar la. benda da jadi.

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thanks dearest

im so pissed. what am i to u? just a stupid girl? u make me feel super bad. if u love her that much, go and take her away from me. i dont really need anyone who makes me feel this way now. please. i know that u love her much more that u love me. then, what the heck am i doing here? im ruining ur party. nevermind. i will go.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

early birds

early birds get the worm. :) tido petang petang. bla malam tiba, mata terbeliak menandakan sukarnya nak tido. malam melaram nak keluar. kemana? entah. tiada arah tujuan. menenong kepala. baring bergolek golek macam ayam panggang. laptop di biar on tanpa ada apa untuk di buat. facebook? semua manusia da siap berdengkor, mimpi da sampai ke ending. nak tamatkan cerita mimpi agar dapat tidur yang lena. sakit ka aku sampai x boleh nak tido? x kan la. :)

memang kadang kadang masalah yang datang bergolek menghempap buat kita xdapat nak tidor yang lena. dalam cita karut org puteh slalunya ada sandman yang akn datang dan letak pasir ajaib untuk buat kita tido. mana dia? hadoii. leteh bila x tido. tapi apakan daya. memang mata xmau terlelap dari tadi. bergolek golek. pusing pusing. baring dalam apa jua angle pon x bole nak tido. mata tak terpejam. bagaikan ada kayu mancis di kelopak mata yang menghalang mata dari ttp. bahasa kurang siuman di gunakan dalam blog yang amat membosankan ni. apa apa pun. bila x dapat nak tido, kurang nya kewarasan dalam otak. ini la jadinya. slamat tidur smua. :)