Monday, 7 June 2010

hey nanang

imy. things cant never be the same. really. im trying. i do love u. but u left me. u left me after a few month. and that makes my hearts hurt. u make me cry all night long. ur the first guy that i cried for. and that makes it all different. i love u with all my life and u betrayed me.u broke my heart and throw the pieces away. after u broke up with me. u never talk to me. for 2 years. and that hurts. u treat me like just a piece of garbage clinging onto ur shirt. i do miss the way u make me feel. u make me feel safe. despite all the other guys who wanted to take advantage of me. u save me. and thats why im so in love with u.when u left me. i decided to commit suicide. when im awake. ur not there. u dont even care what had happen to me. how much i loved u. nvm. let bygone be bygone.:)
thanks nanang.