Monday, 24 May 2010

im not

im not the best child in the family. im not the best student in the class. i am not the best student in a school. im not the best friend that every one dream of. im not the perfect one. im not the best gf that u ever haad. i am just plain me. with every mistakes ive done, ppl judge me. u dont even noe me. u dont even noe my last name. who are u 2 judge me? for god sake, im crying. im cring bcoz i missed him, my ajek. the one that i thought is the one. yea. look at me now. who am i to blame. i kept on thinking of my false and flaws. no one really care. take me down. as deep as u want. i gv up on life. i just do. im tired living this fake life, tired of pretending that im happy. im tired of pleasing others in the same time, hurting me. ajek, i love u with all my heart. i really2 do. thanks

m i going 2 survive?

do you think that the fact that we are made is to pleased others? no? but y do we feel the need to please others. i love those ppl but some times enough is enough. he broke my heart. yea. i deserves it. i m such a lame gf anyway.thanks to you.