Wednesday, 23 June 2010


this is where i sit when there is no one home. looking at the flowers, typing on the laptop, feeling good about myself. this is where i like to be. that is when no one else is around. i would sit and look at all the greeneries, listening to some music. it makes me feel calm. it makes me fell well taken care of. even though sometimes, we may face difficulties in our journey, we should give up. yea. ive cried my heart out for so many guys, which i thought could be the one. the perfect one for me. and yet, they broke my heart yet again.
someone asks me. if i had a chance to become another person, who would that be. i dont know. i would love to be someone prettier and richer and brainier, but still, he or she wont have all the memories that i have. he wont have the friends that i have now. the parents. the teachers and lecturers. he wont have my happiness. and without it, i wont live. so, to answer your questions, i wont become another person.

i love my friends. i love them so much! and somehow, i wonder, do they love me? i havent done anything that could possibly make them love me. i just being me.
im the jerk here.
despite all that, i love them. with all my heart. i will treasure all the memories. because, u are my inspiration.

and for that,