Friday, 4 June 2010

love itu cinta. cinta itu buta.

what does love even mean to u. ppl can lie. ppl can say that they love u. but they dont. love torture ppl. and it makes pll cry. well it makes mecry. ive cried so hard.

buat aku kadang kadang takut utk fall in love lagi. takut d tnggalkan. takut sorg2. biar aku solo and have alots of friends. which is better. i think. yea. mmg kadang2 aku pn jeles tgk kwn2 dgn pasangan masing2. manja2. sp yg xnk kna manja, kn? im celebrating my birthday alone again this year. it was suppose to be a one year anniversary. wat the heck. just let it go. right. no matter what. im still crying. due to the pain. thanks.


maman said...

L is for the way you lie to me..
O is for the only one i hate..
v is very very stupid of u... and
E is everyone dont even care how suffer i am loving u!:)