Sunday, 28 December 2014


lelah. seriously.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

musim tengkujuh

tiap kali hujung tahun mesti banyak je cerita pasal lemas. sebab musim tengkujuh kan. ombak pon mnghempas ke pantai dengan gangsternya. 

kat sini, every year mesti ada berita orang lemas kat pantai Tanjung Batu. and for now dh 2 kes lemas. i dont know how tall the waves are, tapi seriously sangat scary. cuaca susah nak predict, sekejap hujan sekejap panas. ombak plak naik gila tinggi. 

the first case tu budak local, and the second case is org myammar, if im not mistaken la. masa yang kes myammar tu i was at the beach, tengah sedap makan abc dgn yana. then masa nak balik tu tengok ada ramai gila org tengah berkumpul tepi pantai, and some of them macam tunjuk tunjuk laut. time tu dah boleh agak dh, maybe ad org lemas lagi. tapi untuk sedapkan hati, tak la fikir sangat. so ktorg pon balik. the next morning, baru la comfirm ad orang lemas lagi. hmmm. kesian kan. imagine kalau kita kat tempat family dyeorg. dah la family jauh. mesti sedih gila.

musim tengkujuh.
if you really need to be near the water, be extra extra careful.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

30th december


as i was saying before. ive started studying again. im taking civil engineering now. its been super duper hard. after long years of playing around, i now have to start using my brain again. hmmphh. a lot of hard work are put into places. have to be super dicipline too. 

but somehow, after the first semester, when the results are out, i think my heart broke. my results are in! i really think i did good, but somehow good is not enough. i didnt fail, i just think that i deserve better. :(

however, now im in my second semester and hopefully, my result will be better. i did do all i can for this semester. and with the help of one of my chinese friend, i manage to go through everything. fingers crossed. pray hard.


Monday, 22 December 2014

guys and dota

what is DOTA?
Dunia Orang Tade Awek? hahaha.
all i know that it is a very addictive game. 

im currently watching my bf vs my lil bro. and i must say. just being the spectator have its own thrill. i know now why they spend hours playing this game. urghh. i wish i know how to play. 

ive tried it once. 
but darn it. i sucks. 
 dota dota dota.
banyak crita sebab dota couple boleh break. sebab dota gaduh bagai nak rak. ehem ehem. kena batang hidung sendiri. but somehow, lepas kna basuh, finally baru nak faham macam mana main dota ni. last last tu, bia je la main dota. bukan dia pg cari perempuan lain pon kannn. bia je la. laki dgn dota dh mlekat. mcm isi dengan kuku. macam pmpuan dengan shopping la. kalau pmpuan shopping, kalau lelaki kol banyak kali, kta pon melenting kannn. mcm tu la gak. kot.

so, apa kata. perempuan yang slalu gaduh dengan bf pasal dota tu, either blaja untuk terima dota seadanya or, korang boleh start blaja main dota skali. haaa. manatau nanti boleh main skali. pastu dua dua melekat dengan dota. kan senang. win win situation kan.

so pilih la. which one yang korang rasa sesuai.


Sunday, 21 December 2014


hee. dah nak masuk 2015. rasa macam baru kejap je kn. time surely flies. new life kn. im off to college, AGAIN. maybe this time, life will be better.

if i could describe my life now, compared to the past. i would definitely say that its better. i do miss all the mischief all the trouble ive been getting myself into, but maybe this is for the best. im not getting younger. none of us is. so better we get a kick start now.

its funny how life is. idk. everything seems funny. i think ive changed. i started wearing hijab. ALHAMDULILLAH. but im still rebellious. i think i care more for my parents now.  we still argue a lot. but i still love them. more i think. maybe im just feeling lucky to have them as my parents.

plus, im in love with someone. and he helped me alot. getting though all the shitty things life throws at me while throwing shits back at people who have been kicking me down. haha. ive learned how to control my emotion. to describe this. i will need a whole new post. haha.

what else is new. i got new room. new college. new hostel room. new housemates. new environment. new boyfriend. new phone number. and everything seems okay so far. some problems in the beginning. but i thing i manage to make it work out. hopefully.

and life continues.

and pray to Allah Swt. 

everything will be fine.