Wednesday, 22 June 2011


life may be unfair. but thank god as we can still breath. we can still see the sun rises early in the morning. we can still see the faces of the people that we love the most. we can still laugh with our friends. share hugs and kisses with families. we can still see the smiles on our friends faces. make jokes and laugh our asses off. be grateful. i need to learn to be grateful. even though there are times that i wish i was never born. but no one have the perfect life. literally. no one. no matter how messed up your life is, there are people who loved you. for who you really are. maybe you wont realize it now, but when those people are gone, the pain is unbearable. thank your friends. thank your family. thank you love ones. thank everyone. for loving you. thanks guys.for reading. :)