Thursday, 23 June 2011

ayie and lil baby monster

ive made ur tears falls. im so sorry ayie. im so fucking sorry. i miss u a lot bro. i miss u so much that it hurts. i miss u so much that every time something reminds me of u, my eyes flowed with tears. i miss u a lot. there are times that i wish that ur here. there are time that i wish that u were never gone. i wish that ur here, sitting next to me. eating all the rice and left the main part. u always say that ur saving the best for last. u would always be there listening to me babbling about stuff that doesnt really matter. aboout classes, about friends, about health. i talks a lot kn ayie. and u would just sit there and listen. listen to every words. laugh ur asses of with each and every jokes. even though it isnt funny at all. you would ask me where would we go next, and i dont have the answer. so we would just go around and around the block until we have someplace to go to. that one time that u refuses to talk to me, that is the hardest part. i need to talk to u and i want u to listen. when u did come to penang a few days back, i cried. i just miss u so much that i cant believe my eyes that ur there standing next to me. i wish u would never have to go. but u said that u got work to do. i didnt have the chance to tell u about my life here without u. i didnt have the chance to share my part of the stories. i didnt have the chance to crack jokes and listen to ur laughter. when i finally realize that ur really here, ur about to leave. leaving me here. god. i miss u ayie. when u finally drive away, i cried. i could only shake ur hands before u leave. i dont want to be around u too long, as i would definitely cry my eyes out. im sorry ayie. im really sorry for being such a baby. im sorry. please forgive me. :( from the bottom of my hearts. i miss u.

ur lil sis

p/s: lenkali dtg bawak awek. jgn sorg sorg. keta tu besar. haaa. :)