Friday, 22 April 2011


there are a huge number  of things that I adore and wish to have. maybe i can't have it but i still can wish. right?

1. A black two door E30 1JZ with M3 wide bodykit.
2. A flat black perdana evo 3 with alpha bodykit.
3. A red kancil L5 with mini cooper body kit full with audio system
4.A red blackberry playbook
5.A black Dell alienware.
6.Ipad 1 and ipad 2.
7.Iphone 4 with invisible casing
8. ahuge house near the beach with a huge swimmingpool.
9.A warehouse that can place all the cars
10.A xbox 360
11.A shop of my own with full black and red stuff.
12.Unlimited chocolate supply for a life time.
13.Designer clothes.
14.Designer shoes and heels.
15.Designer bags.
18.52 inch tv
19.A huge garden where i can plant my trees.
20.A full set of swatch!

But the most important thing is.

Life would be great if I have all those things.but my life would never be complete without u by my side. ur the one that I needed the most and none of those things above can replace u. i would rather die, than live in this world without u,my friends and my dearest family. ur my life and love u pa. :)


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