Monday, 2 May 2011

home sweet home.

i still cant understand. where is home actually. is it the place where we were born, the place that we grow up, the place where we spend a lot of time there or the place where we feel most comfortable?

i miss penang. somehow, my heart does not belong here. i miss my friends. i miss them a lot. :)

next semester, ayie wont be around. he wont be there to take me for lunch or dinner. he wont be there to listen to me stories and jokes. he wont be there to wipe my tears when i cry. i am missing him. a lot. ive gotten close to him this semester. 1 semester is enough to make me love him as a brother and a very dear friend indeed. somehow, i need to learn to let him go. it was for his future. for his future family. he is my big bro. and i need to understand. he is doing this for a good cause. 

so emma, stop crying. k? he will be fine. :)


Anonymous said...

home sweet home...!!!(Quest)