Saturday, 16 April 2011


FACT: do u know humans cant even shut their fucking mouth up?

there are alot to say. but their locked inside my head. preventing me from expressing myself. from telling u people about what im feeling. im not the kind of girl who would walk up to people and start talking about problems. i prefer to keep it inside. i prefer to suffer alone. yes. there are people who would never see me snap. like a dried twig that u step on. no one really know how am i when im really angry. i prefer to keep it bottled inside me. rather than letting it all out. yes. maybe one day, i might burst into flames. turn into a super saiya and fly high up in the sky and destroy all the planets except pluto. :)

people talk and talk and talk. but they never think. worlds can really hurt. and the scars remain forever. stop talking and start caring. please.