Sunday, 21 December 2014


hee. dah nak masuk 2015. rasa macam baru kejap je kn. time surely flies. new life kn. im off to college, AGAIN. maybe this time, life will be better.

if i could describe my life now, compared to the past. i would definitely say that its better. i do miss all the mischief all the trouble ive been getting myself into, but maybe this is for the best. im not getting younger. none of us is. so better we get a kick start now.

its funny how life is. idk. everything seems funny. i think ive changed. i started wearing hijab. ALHAMDULILLAH. but im still rebellious. i think i care more for my parents now.  we still argue a lot. but i still love them. more i think. maybe im just feeling lucky to have them as my parents.

plus, im in love with someone. and he helped me alot. getting though all the shitty things life throws at me while throwing shits back at people who have been kicking me down. haha. ive learned how to control my emotion. to describe this. i will need a whole new post. haha.

what else is new. i got new room. new college. new hostel room. new housemates. new environment. new boyfriend. new phone number. and everything seems okay so far. some problems in the beginning. but i thing i manage to make it work out. hopefully.

and life continues.

and pray to Allah Swt. 

everything will be fine.