Wednesday, 11 April 2012

penang II

these are some of my friends here in penang. 
the ones that have been there for me,
through thick and thin.
the ones that have wipe my tears and told me that everything is gonna be alright.
the ones that brings many joy in my life.

front, from left : john, amy , nawfarl.
back, from left : nik, alien.
**amal is missing.

and we have been through many things together.
they are the ones that keep me away from doing things that i would have regret.
they help me when im in need.

i miss u guys. 
we have done so many things together. 
such as..

surprise dinner for alien and mus. 

anniversary for nawfarl and reen.

birthday surprise for anis from amy.

eventho it has certainly been tiring for most of us,
it was worth it. 
i love u guys to bits.