Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Hmm..nk buat braces.but braces is really really expensive.kna kerja dulu before bole buat.tapi masih lawa.haha!

Banyak yang ad dalam my wishlist.there are things,I just wish I can have but there are also things that I wish I could throw away,as far as I could.
Have u ever seen an E30 with 2 doors? That's my dream car. Maybe most of the people out there would think that I'm a girl with no taste for liking that piece of junk. But still, gthmthfcr. :D

My mum ask me to go to the stewardess audition that day. Idkw. I'm not good enough. I'm not tall enough. I'm not pretty enough. I'm not smart enough. It would be fun being a stewardess. But still, I'm not good enough.

What is tassle?I want to know. :D

Actually now I'm bored.and I got nothing else to do. I'm sitting here, with jaja. Under the comforter. Hugging the pillow as hard as I can. I wish I can just dissapear.


Anonymous said...

E30 isn't a piece of junk!It's one of my dream car too!

TESL is Teaching English as Secondary Language. :)

Hey,honestly,your good to go babe.You could be a stewardess babe but is that the life you want?Far from home,far from the people you love.

Disappear?Gosh,You can't babe.You have responsibility to be carried.You can't just go missing.Don't worry,if there's anything you need help on,you could just ask your friend and even me.We are always there to help.

Lots of love from your secret admirer.