Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Is it me u looking for?

Hmmm. Truth to be told, I'm not the kind of girl that u should ever wish on marrying. I'm ignorant and childish. I'm coldhearted to the bone. I'm not someone that u should ever listen to. Because everything i've said is not true. I'm not protecting. I'm not kind. I'm not the person who u would ever want to have waking up next to u. I'm silly and I'm crazy. I laugh too much and I cry all the same. I hate cold morning bath and I hate washing the dishes. I hate doing the laundry. I hate getting up in the morning. I hate ironing. I'm a stubborn little bitch. Believe me. I suck at being nice and I suck at being a good girlfriend. I'm intolerable. I'm good at being a bitch. I would never be a good wife. I'm suck at handling little babies. I'm not a good mother and I'm not a good wife. I suck at these and u bastards should keep away from me. I'm a disaster. A nuclear reaction waiting to explode. Stay away k boys. Bye.


faiz_nordin said...

no one is perfect..the point is just be who you wanna be..just my two cents :)