Tuesday, 9 February 2010


my mother used to say, "mind your manners, emma". where ever i go, my mother's word would ring at my ear, reminding me of my manners. there are a lot of manners that we should know and practice in our everyday life. there are manners at the table, manners with the elders, manners with friends, and a lot more. my mother used to say, you manners displays who you really are inside. in my opinion, this is true. your courtesy is the one that people would be interpreting and judge throughout your appearance. and this is so important as this would give a good impression on others.
for example, a malay courtesy that my mother used to remind me of, is to greet the elders and shake their hands. by doing so, it shows that we are aware that there are older people around and they are suppose to be given special attention. when walking by an elder person, the young ones are suppose to bend their back a bit, and not walk with their back straight in front of the elder. this is not to give your back to the elder, but to show respect to the elder and not to be said ego.

Culture. Is it that important? What is it actually? Culture, as in the Longman Contemporary English dictionary, is the belief, the way of life and also art, and the custom that are shared by and accepted by people in a particular society. Is that so?
Malaysia`s unique and diverse heritage and culture, prominently are the Chinese, Malay and also Indian. These three groups are joined by various arrays of tribes, many of them living in the coastal area of Borneo. Even though each of these cultures have their own traditional and also community structures, they have also blended together to create Malaysia which we see today. Those other cultures in Borneo consist of Melanau, Kadazan, Bidayuh, Kenyah, Iban, Dayak, and many more. Cultures are important to each and every one of them and each and every one of them is different in their own ways.
Malaysia`s is the only country with had a diversity of culture, colourful set of people and various types of religion. Our country provided us with peace and harmony, giving us the opportunity to interact with each other better. Kesopanan berbahasa budaya kita. Does it make sense? It does. By being polite when we talk, we give a positive impression to the listener. As first impression is important, the manner of one is included. When one poses negative manner, he gave the impression that he is not polite. Thus, answering the question on the importance of politeness in communicating.