Tuesday, 1 June 2010

asshole of the century

hahaha. there is this one guy. yea. dpan mata aku pandai plak nak berbaik baik. yet, blakang. shit. mentang mentang your gf is there.

before we broke up, u promise me everything. and im such a stupid girl for believing u. i thought ur my soul mate. and i thought that maybe u are the one for me. i have loved u with all my heart. every part, every inch of my body love u. even if we never met. i cant forget the way u make me feel. the way u make me smile when we talk on the phone. the way u make me feel special. the way u make me think im the chosen one. after 10 months together, after all that ive done for u. u left me. u left me for another girl. it hurts so much that i cant even think straight. ive furthered my studies so that i can be closer to u. what am i suppose to do now?

dont u ever think abt that? i thought im going to be ur wife. haha. funny how it turn out to be. ur dating my friend. thanks alot dear.

im stupid for still loving u.